DOSA (Fillmore)

Building Type: Restaurant
Architect: Architects II, Jim Maxwell
Area: 6,150
Project Dates: July 14, 2008 – November 26, 2008
Description: Renovation of a historic building into destination restaurant



About the Project:

DOSA is a South Indian restaurant that gained acclaim with their first location on Valencia Street; they contacted R3 Builders to build out their second location on Fillmore Street in Pacific Heights. Their plan was to convert a building from the 1920’s and turn it into a stylish, upscale restaurant that blended urban San Francisco design themes with the dazzling beauty of India.

R3 Builders worked closely with Jim Maxwell, the designer, and the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency throughout the project, restoring the original exterior of the building and improving the interior, structurally refitting the building and adding a mezzanine to create additional seating and a back office. The entire project was on a tight timeline, as the opening was highly anticipated in the food community. Since its opening date, it has become one of the most sought-after restaurant destinations in San Francisco, and is frequently given high praise for its inventive, beautiful construction.

“The new DOSA on Fillmore Street is a stunning space, which we couldn’t have accomplished without the expert help of R3 Builders. Their professionalism and responsiveness enabled us to get the project done amid regulatory and construction challenges, while on a very tight schedule that had multiple outside dependencies. I would definitely recommend R3 Builders to anyone and will use them again for my next project.

When we began the project of creating the new DOSA on Fillmore Street, we encountered a number of challenges in renovating an old building, using recycled materials and green construction practices. R3 Builders worked hand-in-hand with the city redevelopment agency, PG&E, and others to make this project a success.   We are absolutely thrilled with the result!

In hindsight, one of the best decisions we made when we were building DOSA on Fillmore Street was to choose to R3 Builders to build and manage the project for us.  They also helped designed some of our interior woodwork. Our vision was to create a unique and beautiful restaurant that was green, energy-efficient and had a low environmental impact. With the expert help and guidance of R3 Builders, we not only got exactly what we hoped for, but we also opened according to plan!”